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A serial entrepreneur and venture builder with a 17-year tenure in building, commercializing and growing companies within the field of tech, supply chain and projects development.

I’m a relentless promoter of risk taking & fostering a growth mindset, this has led me to founding hatch & boost venture builder and has allowed me to work shoulder-to-shoulder with fearless entrepreneurs as co-founders and support them in transforming their impactful ideas into scalable ventures with early stage capital and alongside a team of architects, builders, developers and growth hackers.

Prior to founding hatch & boost, I served in senior executive roles across renowned entrepreneurial global tech & supply chain companies. During this time, I thrived on building mission-driven teams to propel innovation strategies, led the expansion of high velocity early-to-growth stage companies, and enjoyed cultivating growth cultures.

My passion lies in spearheading climate action and accelerating the adoption and diffusion of circular & sustainable innovations through green venture building to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems by decarbonizing sectors like Agriculture, Mobility, Waste, Energy, Water, and Buildings.

I’m a graduate of the School of Management at the Hashemite University of Jordan. In my pursuit of continuous growth and knowledge, I have augmented my experience with professional certifications and courses in Tech, Supply Chain and Executive Management that have honed my executive acumen.

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